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Oyster Reefs to manage environmental footprints


As a society, we rely on industries to provide us with essential goods and services such as food and housing. But these activities often leave a negative impact on our environment. 

A regenerated oyster reef can be used as one of the tools to help manage an organisation’s environmental footprint allowing vital industries to persist into the future and funding the regeneration of more oyster reefs.

How do oyster reefs clean the ocean?

Although little known, oyster reefs play a critical role in keeping oceans in balance.
They are key allies in fighting Climate Change and solving some of the most pressing issues, such as the nitrogen crisis.

Oyster regeneration: Urgent, Necessary, And a Smart Solution

Oyster reefs are incredibly important for the marine ecosystem. They improve water quality, support biodiversity and naturally protect our shorelines. Their role is critical in keeping oceans in balance!

Globally, only 15% of oyster reefs remain.

Organisation's Footprint

3.75 million Oyster Reef Solution

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Let your organisation manage its environmental footprints while helping regenerate oyster reefs and improve ocean health.

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