Who We Are

Oyster Heaven is a marine conservation organisation regenerating oyster reefs at scale. 

Our unique technology and fully independent impact-based business model allows for scalable and cost-effective projects that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Why we are here

We exist to help the ocean before it's too late

An introduction to Oyster Heaven

Our mission

We enable solutions to make marine regeneration financially sustainable

Most marine conservation projects depend on philanthropy and funds, which are often hard to find.

This limits the impact of the projects enormously. For marine conservation to be meaningful and scalable, it needs to be financially independent. That’s why we created an impact-based business model that helps us make marine regeneration financially sustainable.

Our vision

A society where we can continue living comfortably by helping the environment thrive

The planet is struggling, and so are the oceans. We need to make changes and adopt new measures.

Meanwhile, we live in the 21st century and as a society there is only so much we can do. Completely changing our society’s lifestyle in the short time we have is wishful thinking;

Instead, we want to adapt and continue living comfortably while supporting nature.

Our values

  • Regeneration first

    We don't start a project unless we identify the right conditions for it to be successful. We only place oysters where they've been before, and ensure that the location and circumstances are favorable to achieving a healthy oyster reef that will be self-sustainable.

  • Meaningful

    Oyster Heaven provides a holistic, science based, and scalable way to clean the water and restore the ecosystem in a financially sustainable way. We have real, down to earth (water) goals for large-scale projects with millions of oysters

  • Principled

    We only offer our solutions to those industries that are vital for the continuation of our society, such as home and food providers, and in the same area where their activities are carried out.

  • For profit, for everyone

    We are creating an alternative to philanthropy. Our regenerative approach, our model and technology ensure that all stakeholders can walk away financially better off. Society, industries, and the environment, we don’t leave anyone behind. We all win.

Sustainability Reimagined

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