Oyster restoration led by coastal communities

Ensuring the livelihoods of future generations

Traditional coastal livelihoods are becoming harder

  • Reduced fishing habitats
  • Increased fuel costs
  • Increased fishing license costs
  • Decreased access
  • Coastal erosion
  • Rising sea levels

What can we do?

Oyster regeneration projects to increase fish stock and improve ocean health.

How can we regenerate oyster reefs?

The Mother Reef: a new reef pre-charged with baby oysters, deployed by fishing communities

  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable
  • Natural
  • Homes for fish and crustaceans

The Mother Reefs will break away and biodegrade over the years, leaving nothing but a new oyster reef full of life behind.

Why oyster reefs?

  1. Oyster reefs are keystone species that generate biodiversity.
  2. They act as a wild fish hatchery, increasing fish stock.
  3. They keep the ocean in balance
  4. Protect from coastal erosion
  5. Only 15% of them remain

What’s in it for coastal communities?

Fishing communities will use their boats and knowledge of the water to plant the Mother Reefs into the sea, monitor and oversee the growth of the new marine oases.

  • New jobs
  • Increased fish stock
  • Improved ocean health
  • Secured livelihoods

With oyster reefs regenerated,

everything else can thrive.

From a degraded ocean

To a balanced ocean full of life

Want to know more?

Are you a community leader, government official or development founder and want to help drive a community-led oyster restoration project? Contact us using the form below.

Are you a part of a fishing community and want to help deploy community led oyster restoration projects and add your boat to the fleet? Contact us using the form below.

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