Our Technology: The Mother Reef

The fastest way to regrow lost oyster reefs

Meet The Mother Reef

The heart of our model is our technology, the Mother Reef. 

The Mother Reef bricks are the most cost-efficient substrate for oyster regeneration. They are the essential scaffolding to cover the deserted sea floor and support oysters as they grow into fully formed self-sustaining reefs. We pre-charge them with at least 50 oysters each before we plant them into our oceans.

An oyster substrate supported by WWF

Science based. Succesfully tested.

Science is at the core of everything we do.

We have conducted extensive research and partnered with the best scientists to find the most effective methods for restoring oyster reefs. Our Mother Reef technology has undergone rigorous testing in both lab and ocean settings in collaboration with DTU Aqua in Denmark with successful results and we are constantly working on improving our technology.

On land larvae settlement

We do larvae settlement on land to ensure the survival and growth of baby oysters in a controlled environment before deployment into the sea.

Biofilm formation on Mother Reefs in tanks

Larvae settlement on Mother Reefs

Manufactured anywhere in the world

The Mother Reefs are produced in traditional brick factories, so we can produce them cheaply and anywhere in the world.

Production is rapid. One extrusion machine can produce 40.000 Mother Reefs per day!

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We partner with local fishermen to plant the reefs in the water

Our projects can be deployed anywhere in the world where oyster restoration is needed. We partner with local fishing communities and provide them with a new revenue stream and type of work.

Fishermen will use their boats, equipment and knowledge of the water to plant the Mother Reefs into the ocean. They will also benefit from the improvement of the ocean health and biodiversity.

Want to know more?

Download this free pdf to learn everything about our oyster regeneration model using the Mother Reefs; the fastest way to restore lost oyster reefs.

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