Project Asta

By 2027, 100 million oysters

After two years of extensive research, lab and field testing, we’ve proven the efficiency of the Mother Reefs, the substrate that allows us to restore oyster reefs, at a large scale.

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Project Asta


North Sea


Start 2024 – 2034


Minimum 3.75 million native oysters.

deployed by

Local fishermen

Project updates

The benefits of Project Asta

Filtering 1.6 billion liters of water per day – 640 olympic swimming pools


8 million Oysters and 375 million new swimming creatures weighing 500 tonnes from almost 500 species

10 new seasonal jobs for fishermen and coastal communities

Improving feeding habitat of more than 20 wading bird species including those of international importance

Managing 2.5 tonnes of nitrogen a year with an estimated 100-900 tonnes of carbon stored in shells, living biomass and additional nitrous oxide impact (not all verified pathways)

An introduction to Oyster Heaven

3.75 million Oyster Reef Solution

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Unveiling bacterial secrects of oyster growth: Four questions for Dr. Natacha

tarting off her career on gut bacteria research in Cape Town, Dr. Natacha Juste-Poinapen took a fascinating path applying her chemical engineering expertise to the marine environment, a place close to her heart, having grown up near the ocean. As the first hire at Oyster Heaven, Natacha focuses on enhancing oyster regeneration and evaluating restoration site suitability by studying the microbiological components of oyster reefs. She collaborates with DTU Aqua in Denmark, and Deltares and NIOZ in the Netherlands, bringing unique insights to our ambitious goal of restoring historic oyster reefs.

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Time to meet Oyster Heaven’s team: Four questions for our founder, George

As we work hard to implement our approach to oyster reef restoration in the Netherlands and the UK, we are also filling up our project pipeline to initiate even more reefs to steadily bring back the lost oyster reefs in our European waters and beyond. With our workload growing, our team expanding, and our outreach broadening, it’s time to introduce the dedicated individuals who’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes. Let’s begin with our founder, George, the visionary driving force behind it all…

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Clay: A Time-Tested Solution for Oyster Restoration

In the world of marine conservation, the search for effective materials to aid restoration is a never-ending exploration. For oyster reefs specifically, the need for a suitable substrate is the key in achieving reef revitalisation. Among the many materials, clay stands out as a tested solution which has led us at Oyster Heaven to use it as the preferred material to kick start large-scale oyster reefs.

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