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Oyster reef on the ocean

How Oyster Reefs Can Remove Excess CO2

The ocean acts as a carbon sink, absorbing large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. However, human activities have led to ocean acidification due to excessive CO2. Phytoplankton and other marine creatures like oysters absorb CO2 and trap it in their skeletons and shells, effectively removing it from the atmosphere and the water column.

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What Do Oysters Have To Do With Climate Change?

Oysters can help us fight climate change. They are a crucial component of global ocean health. By restoring oyster reefs we can avoid the acidification of the seas, protect against floods and coastal erosion and overall restore ocean health so that the oceans and the planet can be in balance again.

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Incredible Ways Oysters Can Help Us

Oysters are some of the coolest creatures in the ocean. We have learnt to love them and we are sure that everyone will love them too when we tell you the amazing jobs they do and how important they are for our lives.

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Bacteria: The Motor Of Ecosystems

Currently, our society is being challenged to address the Nitrogen crisis. Instead of creating new and expensive technology to palliate the damage to the environment, we should look at nature first and find the answers there.

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